Support Volunteer Unit (SVU)


The SVU is truly the backbone of our department -- and it has many roles that need to be filled:

Clothes Donation Closet: In April 2011, Biggersville Fire & Rescue partnered with the American Red Cross and the Lighthouse Family Thrift Store to provide care for families in our community that are devastated by fire. Any Biggersville Fire & Rescue station can be used as a donation drop-off point. If you are in need of clothes and other items, these are FREE to you! However, you must contact us to receive a voucher before going to the store.

Fire Ground Team: To a tired firefighter, nothing looks better than a cold bottle of water on a hot day. Our Fire Ground Team responds to all fires where firefighters will be involved in extensive fire operations. This team provides a much needed service of simply taking care of our own. From sun screen to bottled water to a paper towel to wipe away soot, these people make the difference to us!

Traffic Control: Some of our members have no interest in fighting fires at all! When working a wreck on a roadway or having to close a road due to power lines or trees being down, traffic is always on the front of any emergency responder's mind. According to, more than 150 law enforcement officers alone, have been killed during the past decade. This statistic doesn't even include firefighters or EMS personnel! It seems that everyone wants to slow down and watch as emergency crews try to do their jobs -- Mississippi State Law requires drivers to slow down and move over for stopped emergency vehicles! Our Traffic Control team's job is to keep traffic moving in a safe and slow manner.


Photography Team: From assisting with evidence documentation for law enforcement to capturing great memories of Our Family in action, a photographer is an invaluable member of our SVU. These members respond to all types of emergency calls to provide us with the ability to document each of the scenes that we respond to.

Follow-up Program: When a family is devistated by fire, we don't stop at just extinguishing your fire and giving you some clothes. During the months following a fire, SVU keeps in contact with the victims to make sure that all of their needs are met. From counseling to temporary lodging, we try to meet any needs that arises. Even though we do not have the resources to be able to meet all needs, over the years we have been able to make contacts within our area to assist in almost any sitauation that is met.

Vehicle Maintenance Team: A fire department has a hard time going to a fire if the engine doesn't start! Our vehicle maintenance team ensures that we always have equipment to get the job done. From changing the oil to making service runs to the local truck shop, this group of people keeps us running. They also help out by keeping accessory equipment in running order like chain saws and generators.


If you are interested in joining us in our efforts to create a safer community, CLICK HERE.